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Many college students called to the bar decide to become judges or public prosecutors in its place of legal professionals. As the Thai bar exam administered and sold by the Thai Bar Association is break free the legal professionals licensing scheme administered and offered by the Lawyers Council of Thailand, this implies that judges and public prosecutors belong to a separate licensing firm from lawyers. This is unlike in the US where judges and prosecutors most frequently come from the ranks of senior attorneys and belong to the same bar. Sometimes the agency is an office or committee of the state’s greatest court or intermediate appellate court. In some states which have a unified or covered bar association this means that that formal club in a public company controlled by the judiciary is required to follow law therein, the agency is either the state bar arrangement or a subunit thereof. Other states split the protected bar club and the admissions agency into exceptional bodies in the judiciary; in Texas, the Board of Law Examiners is appointed by the Texas Supreme Court and is independent from the included State Bar of Texas.